Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why working for Cisco is so great?

Sometime I wander why am I so satisfied with my job of build and release engineer, it is quite an offbeat career. I think it has very much to do with the fact that I am working on a Cisco project. Everything around me is Cisco, Cisco's network, Cisco's processes, Cisco's people and Cisco's world class working environment. Here I am listing down some of the points in this reference.

VPN is wonderful- It feels so satisfying reading your mails on your office laptop using VPN even if you are on vacations siting 2500 KM from office. It gives me the feeling that I am not missing any update.
Responsible reporting- Weekly Update meetings with Cisco managers give feeling of responsibility. Apart from cultivating professional attitude, it feels good while interacting with so important and influential people around the globe.
Cisco's resources- Knowledge-rich resources enables you to work with more confidence. Ranging from online technical resources to industry updates mailer, everything is so perfect that it feels working in a truly world class organizations.
Wonderful people- Fortunately I have some of the best skilled engineers and most professional managers to work with. Learning from an old-timer expert and reporting to such great managers equips me with professional aptitude.
World class infrastructure of Infosys- It adds moon to the night when I hit the beautiful pool side gym in the evening after hard day's work. I feel proud walking in the rain sometimes on wide beautiful roads laid in the green campus of Infosys.

All these things coupled with other numerous untold facts add enthusiasm to life and my work here in Infosys for Cisco.