Saturday, March 21, 2015

Build and Release Training

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Training Duration – 16 Hours 
Mode – Online based
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Lab Setup Details - Prerequisites
Operating Systems - Windows 7 or Linux(RHEL 7.X or Ubantu)
JDK 1.7 or Higher
SCM Tool Clients Installed (SVN, GIT, Perforce)
Servlet container like GlassFish and Tomcat (If one wants to host Jenkins outside) – Optional
[If trainee is having any specific learning agenda to be addressed in this training apart from the table of Content as below; please email me @]
Table of Content
Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • What is Software Configuration Management
  • What is Build and Release Engineering
  • Introduction of Version Control Management?
    • Basic usage of Subversion
    • Basic usage of git
  • Introduction of Build Management?
    • How to write ant script?
    • How to write Maven script?
    • How to write MSBuild Script?
  • Introduction of Release Management?
  • Benefit of Continuous Integration?
  • Different Continuous Integration Tools?
  • Focus on Jenkins
  • Installation and Setup of Jenkinks
  • Configure a Job to Build the Project using SVN /GIT and ANT/Maven
  • Using Build Script (Ant, Maven and MSBuild) with Jenkins
  • Authentication and Authorization in Jenkins
  • Lab and Assignment
  • Nodes Setup in Jenkins
  • Labels, Tags and Notification using Jenkins
  • Empowered with Plugins in Jenkins
  • 20 Popular Plugins and Their Usage
  • Integrating Jenkins with Junit for automated testing
  • Integrating Jenkins with HP-QC for automated testing
  • Integrating Jenkins with Cobertura for test Coverage
  • Integrating Jenkins with Sonar for static code analysis
  • Release and Deployments using Jenkins and Nexus
  • Advance Jenkins
    • Jenkins Scripting
    • Jenkins Command line
  • Reporting and Dashboard using Jenkins
  • Lab and Assignment