Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Build and Release Training by DevOpsConsulting.in

Build and Release Training by DevOpsConsulting.in

DevOpsConsulting is a brainchild of passionate technopreneurs having vast experience in managing, designing and delivering large scale enterprise solutions with prime focus on achieving business goals with high performance systems. We are an IT technologies and consulting firm specialized in DevOps and software practices to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness of an Organization.

We have extensive experience in various verticals like telecom, healthcare, finance, insurance, media etc. Our comprehensive knowledge and expertise includes but not limited to DevOps Architect Design, Technical Debt Reduction, Cloud Migration, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment.

The basic course program is outlined here

  • Software Configuration Management overview
  • Introduction of Version management / Source Code Management
  • Overview of Build management
  • Overview of Packaging management
  • Overview of Release and Deployment management
  • Git - A Source Code Management Tool
  • SVN - A Source Code Management Tool
  • Apache Ant - A Build Tool
  • MsBuild - A Build Tool
  • Nant - A Build Tool
  • Jenkins - A Continous Integration Tool
  • RPM - A Linux Package Management
  • Jboss - A Application Server
  • Bash Scripting - A Scripting Language
  • Linux and Windows - Operting System
  • Overview of Continuous Integration
  • Overview of Continuous Delivery
  • CI/CD Implementation

More - http://www.devopsconsulting.in/build-release-training.html

Email at - info@DevOpsConsulting.in