Friday, September 5, 2008

Tool Spolight: Cruise

Recently there was a discussion on this new tool for Release Management called Cruise on this Journal.

Release management is often that part of the software development life cycle which has the entire team chewing its nails. Use Cruise, the Continuous Integration and Release Management system from ThoughtWorks, to remove the suspense and unpleasant surprises associated with software deployment.

Model your release work flow and ensure a hassle-free software deployment with revolutionary Pipelines. Get control of your release process by managing it through Cruise. Save time by parallelizing your tests and testing on multiple platforms. Release software quickly and repeatably with new and tested features.

Cruise draws from the extensive continuous integration experience of ThoughtWorks, the creators of the original CruiseControl.

Well, I am yet to figure out the difference between Cruise and CuiseControl.

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