Sunday, October 7, 2012

Interview Questions for Build & Release Engineer

If you are preparing for an interview as Build & Release engineer position, you are reading the right blog. I received an email from a reader yesterday about it, therefore I decided to write down some questions.

During my 6 years of B&R experience, I have learnt that tools used for CM, Build management and scripting vary a lot in different corporations. You might be using InstallShield for deployment in one company and a simple MSBuild script in another. As a build & Release engineer you must master at least one scripting language- Perl, MSBuild or Shell. That is really helpful even if you are not currently working on any of these.

Regarding interview questions, I can think of following-
  • How do your handle upgrade scenario in InstallShield wizard? How can you prevent a product being downgraded while installation.
  • Can you write a custom action in VB/C# and integrate it with Installshield wizard?
  • How do you implement Continuous Integration using CruiseControl?
  • What are the things you change on your target system while deploying?
  • How can we migrate from one CM tool to another, say SVN to TFS?
  • Which one is a better Build Management tool- CruiseControl or Hudson? Why?
Please feel free to drop me a mail regarding any of these questions. Good Luck.


Amber Lobdell said...

Hi Robins,

I am recruiting for a contract to hire Lead Build/Release Engineer with mobile experience for a well known company in Sunnyvale! Would you happen to have any referrals? Please email me at


kannan said...

could you please explain the build and release process each state.

ABC said...


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mini shukla said...

Hi Robins,
I have 6+ months contractual position with my direct client for Build developer at Austin TX. Please let me know if you are interested or if you can give me some refrences who would be interested working on this project.

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